Saturday, 26 April 2014

Sunshine On A Rainy Day...

Lately life has felt like a bit of a juggling act. Two jobs,(one of which is full time) trying to run this blog and all the different components that come with it (hello instagram and twitter!) as well as having another website in the pipeline, and a collaboration with my friend Emily, creating a capsule collection!

I sometimes feel I bite off more than I can chew. But before you think I'm complaining - I love all of the things that keep me busy!

Teaching at The Fashion School this year has been one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable learning curves I think I may have ever experienced.
Finding that perhaps I'm more patient than I give myself credit for was a real surprise! And the joy that comes with teaching kids from seven to seventeen is monumental.

Each class brings something different, I love talking to the girls, and hearing about their lives. They talk over their sewing projects, of their worries and hopes, day to day life, and continually sing songs from 'Frozen' (I know more about that film and One Direction now than I care to mention!) 

I've even taught foreign students at a nearby language school - with pupils from Russia, Spain, Italy and even Bangkok!
Fortunately their English was pretty good, though apparently my attempts at Thai were laughable!

I also really enjoy my other job, working at Riddle & Finns. Sure, serving fish might not be particularly glamorous - but they are really accommodating with my teaching hours, the food is incredible and my colleagues are like family.

Whenever I feel a bit at odds with being a 27 year old waitress, I try to remind myself of all the great skills it provides. 
I can talk comfortably with strangers at the drop of a hat (table after table - I've perfected this skill!) which is a handy socialising tool.
The money is reliable and good, I have time to pursue other interests - and it keeps me really fit, so no need for a gym membership! 

I'm learning more and more this year, that it's not the circumstances you find yourself in - it's how you choose to view them.
By looking at the positive attributes and focusing more on them, you begin to realise that there is value in even the most arduous tasks.
Plus, it makes you enjoy your free time all the more when you've been working flat out!

Which brings me to these photos! Taken on a recent day off, I spent the morning with my dear friend Ruth, mooching around Brighton and enjoying coffee, vintage clothes and cake!

The beautiful blouse I'm wearing was inspired by the wonderful Dulcie of Human Sea. She recently wore hers to Brighton and I completely fell in love with it! Fortunately it was still available in my size in the Asos sale! Thanks for tip off Dulcie!

My sunglasses are new too! After nearly four years of the same shades, I went crazy and bought two new pairs. Madness eh?
These beauts were from Urban Outfitters.

Also worth a mention - I finally succumbed to 'Mom' jeans!
I had a pair a couple of years ago (which I stupidly sold on eBay) and I'd forgotten how comfortable they are!
This pair are from Topshop, they're so easy to wear, and even make me look a bit curvier than I actually am, which is pretty cool!

I rolled up my cuffs (v.flattering for the petite amongst us!) and teamed them with a pair of battered sneakers and some beautiful 'Golden Rod' blooms I bought from a local florist.

Attempting to set up a shot...My rucksack is from Baggu and is the handiest thing ever! I'm tempted to get a couple more in different colours...

The beautiful Ruth who kindly took these photos for me - the most glamorous photographer I've ever had!

Mugshot! It was such a lovely day...

Thanks for enduring my waffling, and sporadic posting! I'll try and get back on here sooner next time!

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. The hair will go back to pink! It faded out to blonde and I quite liked it (and not having to dye my hair every two seconds!)


  1. Love the sunglasses! UO is dangerous on the wallet. I just bought an exotic sounding perfume on impulse from them via their website...I hope it doesn't smell like kitty bum in person!

    The Fashion School sounds so interesting and rewarding! I loved waitressing too, so your life sounds lovely. :-)

  2. I love your jeans !!!! Gorgeous !
    Biz Jeny

    Concours sur le blog * *

  3. Love that blouse and the 'mum' jeans and hell yes that is one glamorous friend/photographer!

    Looks like you had a lovely day.... other than the flowers did you buy anything else? (nosy!) :)

  4. You are such an absolute dream Kerry <3

  5. I'm a 25 year old barista and, though sometimes I feel like I'm being judged for not having major career aspirations, I feel happy there. Like you said, I always get a good workout, it gets me out in the world talking to people, and I really like making latte art. I also sell vintage and I'm trying to get that going at a faster pace, but I'm honestly not too worried about getting a "real" job. - Leah,

  6. Ahhhhh this post echoes my life! As I said to you a few weeks ago I'm at a strange part of my life that seems at odds with the impending 27th birthday! Glad you have lots of interesting things to do, hopefully I can make it down to Brighton soon!

  7. I enjoy reading your posts:-). Riddle and Finns seems like an amazing place - my friends are actually suggesting to go there tomorrow so I might see you, ha ha. It is not about being waitress anyway. Your job provides much more fun than working in the office I'm sure. You are amazing that is what counts. I saw you again on the Western road. I wanted to say hi but you look busy so I didn't disturb you. Have a nice weekend! :-)

  8. I think the REALLY good waitresses - and service staff in general - are under-appreciated. I just finished a year in the culinary arts program and for half my last semester I helped serving in a dining room that serves 5 course meals and MAN, that shit ain't easy. It actually used to be considered a very well respected career, back in the early 1900's and I just wish people realized what went into that line of work!

  9. Kerry! I could not relate to you more after this post! I am 27 also, and in similar working situations as you post uni. I definitely thought I'd be in a different place at my age, but it's all about perspective. I love your positive outlook! Congrats on all your projects coming up. Wishing you the best and look forward to reading about them :).

  10. your style is amazing !! you are a real inspiration ! and there is nothing wrong with waitressing :)


  11. This was such a lovely and interesting post to read.

  12. If you're happy doing what you're doing, then that's what matters. It sounds like you've got a lot more going on than being 'just' a waitress... and there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a waitress and only a waitress anyway. I personally sometimes get a bit down about the fact I'm renting and living in a tiny little studio flat, but then I could get somewhere a bit more respectable but I love my location. And I just have to picture it as a romantic, bohemian lifestyle, and that makes me feel better!

  13. Phew, that's a whole lot of variety you've been packing into your days, and I do like your attitude of choosing to view the positives in each day.
    Both you and Ruth are oozing glamour here.

  14. A great post! I really enjoy reading the details about your work - and life in general. Your blouse is very pretty :-)

  15. Absolutely stunning! <3 You look so beautiful and those pants are really lovely!
    xx, Malena

  16. I think you wrote this very well, and your points are so valid - it is indeed a lot about attitude, and finding positives in the things that are part of your life but aren't necessarily your goals. Lovely photos of you too, such a great smile! P x

  17. Thank you for this post! You've given me hope! I also have two jobs - I leave the house at around half 8 in the morning and arrive home about 11.45pm...I never have time for anything and any days off I have are spent playing catch-up with no relaxation in sight! But I suppose perseverance is also key, knowing that all the hard work will pay off!