Friday, 4 April 2014

How To Make : Gorgeous Guacamole!

One of my favourite ways of relaxing is to hole up in my kitchen and cook. I love creating recipes from scratch, and entertaining friends with dinner is one of my favourite things to do. So with that in mind, I suppose it's quite odd that my passion for food has never really reached this blog.

Until now! I've decided to start working on some recipe posts every now and then, starting with this incredibly easy and great tasting guacamole - perfect to accompany a mexican dinner, or just with a bowl of tortilla chips...

The best thing about this guacamole is that it can whipped up with minimal effort (and ingredients) at the drop of a hat. It's fool-proof! Most importantly though, you'll definitely taste the difference from shop-bought dips. It's chunky, creamy and incredibly more-ish!

You will need - A ripe avocado|Smoked paprika|Half a lime|Salt & Pepper|Beef tomato|Chilli hot sauce|

First cut your avocado in half, it should feel soft but firm to touch. Glide your knife all the way around then twist the two halves to separate.

Carefully using the point of a sharp knife, stab the stone and twist to remove.

Using a tea spoon, slowly spoon out the insides, creating small chunks as you go.

Before mixing the avocado add a generous pinch of salt and the smoked paprika.
Also squeeze as much as juice from the half lime as humanly possible!
If you like coriander you could add some chopped leaves at this point. Personally I'm not so keen so it's left out of my recipe!

It should be looking like this...(drool)

Now for a cheeky bit of heat! We favour this Cholula hot sauce in our house, but you can choose any brand you like.

Carefully add two drops! Chilli sauce can be pretty potent stuff, and we're only adding it for depth of flavour, not to blow peoples heads off!
Besides after a taste test at the end you can always add more...

Finally chop up half of your beef tomato. To keep the guacamole from getting too wet, I try to only use the flesh and discard the pulp.

Throw in your chopped tomato then mix thoroughly, smashing the avocado with your spoon as you go. You're aiming for a smooth texture with satisfying chunks of both tomato and avocado throughout.

The best bit...Taste testing! This is where you can decide if you need more seasoning or hot sauce (note - it can take several 'tests' before you're absolutely, completely sure!)

Serve in your favourite homeware (these two are from Berts) with tortilla chips for dunking!
I like to sprinkle a little more paprika on top for presentation, but this is optional.

It really is that simple! But totally worth making that little bit more effort...

I have a few more recipes in mind for future posts, some a tad more complex that little beauty!
And luckily for me, Sam is around to photograph them! Thank you Sam! (He was rewarded with guacamole!)

Love Yours Truly, x


  1. Yummy! I love how easy guacamole is to whip up! I'll have to try it with the Choula; we usually use salsa. But this looks so good!
    And I love all of the pictures! You're such a cute cook. :)

  2. i love guacamole, i love it i love it. and your hair! your hair is my dream hair.

  3. This is awesome.
    I can't say no to Nachos, never.

  4. Looks delicious! You look so happy when you're cooking too! Great post xx

  5. You are too cute and I fricking love guacamole x

  6. I'll admit, I've never thought of guacamole as particularly gorgeous...but I think you're on to something. Gorgeous Guacamole. Yep. I like it.

  7. I put a ton of garlic in my guacamole but this looks tasty! I might have to try your version :)

  8. I really really love that comfy outfit you've put together. So simple but really nice! Loving the print on that polo! <3
    Ps. That looks yummy!
    xx, Malena

  9. What a gorgeous post lady! Adore the fresh photos and how you managed to shoot yourself pouring things into the bowl every time - neat! ;)

    You've inspired me to make guacamole now, I've got an avocado hanging around in the fridge and I was just wondering what to do with it!


  10. I love your blog! It's so colourful and inviting :) Your camera is amazing too! Which one do you use?

    English Rose

  11. This is so cute and the photos are lovely! So homely and cute! x

  12. Crikey, that David Bowie blouse is fab! Where is it from?

  13. So excited to try this out, I love love love guacamole! Great pictures too! :)

    Sarah x
    She Was a Day Tripper

  14. Hi Kerry!
    Could you tell me where is your colander from, please?
    Love your blog btw
    Silvia x