Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Welcome To 2014!

I'm curious - does anybody else feel wildly optimistic about this brand new year that lays ahead of us? 
At the tail end of last year I felt like my life in Brighton was moving more in the direction I wanted, and I've never felt happier than now to be in my seaside city.

Joshua and I went running errands yesterday, and despite the ferocious winds, and scattered rain storms, we somehow managed to get some half-decent blog photos! I'm thankful my man is so patient!

I've been itching to get started on Yours Truly this year, but the bad weather and dark nights have really been a hinderance - roll on Spring!

The patchwork tunic dress I'm wearing is from the Topshop Christmas sale. I remember seeing it hanging in Oxford Circus when it was full price, and loved the graphic, potato-print style of the patchwork pattern.

It's a size or so too big, but I like that this adds to the loose, clean structure of the garment. The slightly cropped sleeves are always a favourite of mine too.

With a dress so 'busy' I kept everything else really simple. This chunky perspex tassle ring is one of my old favourites from my student days.
My make up is a combination of '& Other Stories' and MAC. I'm still so happy to have re-discovered yellow eyeshadow - a favourite look from my teens!

Proof of the kind of winds we were dealing with here! I've never had so many 'out-takes' from one set of photos...Nor so many grumpy looks on my wind-beaten face!

As you can see I'm still currently growing out my fringe, well actually - my hair in its entirety is being grown! A little project for 2014 if you will!

Channeling some Geisha vibes with clean white tights and black suede wedges. I love how clean cut they look paired with the dress!

So with 2014 in mind, do any of you have any New Years resolutions? I have five which are all pretty simple.

1. Save a bit of money (I have been more specific but I won't bore you with the details!)

2. Visit London monthly (Living in Brighton can be a bit like a bubble sometimes, I need to venture out and explore more!)

3. Learn to cook new dishes (I love to cook and would love to try something new)

4. Stay in better contact with friends (I'm pretty awful at emails/texting etc!)

And finally, my last resolution is to work on a new website that started to come to fruition last Summer. The content of which I'm going to be tight lipped about right now, but I am very excited!

I have set myself some achievable targets to help get the ball rolling, then I'm sure it'll be much like this blog (which by the way will still be going!) - a delight to produce!
I'm looking forward to sharing it with you, along with the labours of my other resolutions!

Happy New Year everyone!

Love Yours Truly, x


  1. Lovely, very chic. Looking forward to the new site!

  2. I feel the same way about 2014 and I hope it will beat 2013 :)
    I've been to Brighton for 2 times and I miss its athmosphere so much. Don't forget how lucky that you're very close to the beach, the weather of U.K sometimes sucks though :)
    Hugs from Istanbul !

  3. Ha - one of my resolutions is to leave London once a month - the reverse of yours! Need to see my countryside/coast/other cities/other countries - I adore living in London but it's good for the soul to step out of it semi-regularly.

    Love this look. Where did you get the white tights? I've (strangely) been having a little trouble finding any, though I admittedly haven't been looking all that hard... What I really want is opaque stockings actually, to roll down to my knees (after winter, naturally).

  4. Love the makeup colors and these pictures. The dress with a graphic pattern is a good contrast to the wall especially with the white tights. Inspiring post!

    blue hue wonderland

  5. Oh nice dress and pairing with the tights and shoes. I love how it is nice and loose - it looks like something so pretty yet comfortable to wear, allowing you to move around so freely. I love your eye makeup too!

  6. 2014 definitely sounds more optimistic! Good luck with resolutions, mine's money saving too, for travels! I look forward to your new blog x

  7. Happy New Year! Am also very excited for this one :) Love the photos and outfit. I use to live in Brighton, I am so in love with London but also miss Brighton desperately x

  8. Yes I'm also wildly optimistic about the new year - making resolutions, planning trips, visits, holidays, craft projects. Love the dress and outfit photos :)

  9. Happy new year! that dress suits your so much, love the geisha vibes xx

  10. Love your dress. It looks little like Lenka' video clip ;)

  11. Great outfit. The shoes and tights are a great combo!

  12. i hope 2014 is super amazing for you! and i LOVE this look!

  13. I adore your canary yellow eye shadow with your red lips and beautiful blush! A flawless look! You're so iconic!

    love, polly

  14. I couldn't agree more that Brighton can start to feel like a bubble! Whenever I find myself here I end up forgetting there's a world outside it and that I have another home back in London. Wishing you luck in the new year and adventuring outside the beautiful bubble of Brighton.

  15. You picked a great wall for this shoot - looks awesome with your outfit.