Sunday, 12 January 2014

Beating January Blues!

Sitting in the audience of an open mic night this week, one of the acts informed us that he would only be playing 'happy songs' as it was officially 'the most depressing day of the year'.
A couple of nights later, a couple I was serving at work told me that it was the date that most people quit their New Years resolutions.

Now whilst I totally get why January can be a miserable month, I have continued to have enthusiasm and optimism for this new year!
My resolutions (as shared in the post below) are all of the positive, pro-active persuasion so I don't feel inhibited at all, I feel like taking this year by the reigns and steering it exactly where I desire!

One small target for myself was to open up a bit more about my blogging to (ahem) 'Real World' people! One step of that is to ask more friends to help me with outfit photos. 
The amount times I have missed a great blogging opportunity because I've been too shy to ask...No more!

These photos were taken by Louise, whom I befriended a year or so after moving to Brighton. Once I got the awkward task of asking out of the way, Louise happily obliged to take photos for me. In fact we had a lot of fun and giggles doing so!

I'm wearing my new Zara shirt, which after longing for when full price (I'm such a penny-pincher sometimes) I finally snapped up in the sale. 
It's a beautiful, light silky fabric, and very reminiscent of Annie Hall to me.

My (breathe-in!) skinny jeans are from the 'Joni' range at Topshop. I prefer high waisted tailoring as it suits my petite frame, so these jeans are perfect!
My cardigan and brogues are old eBay finds.

And the satchel? Oh my this satchel!
On Christmas morning I yelped with delight upon realising what I had just unwrapped.
Joshua's sister and parents had teamed together to buy me a gorgeous Cambridge Satchel Company satchel in a classic brown style.

Having a huge affection for anything quintessentially British, and an equally huge admiration for Julie Deane (who founded the company from her kitchen table!) and her British-made bags...Words fail me at how much I treasure this little bag!

It makes me so happy to carry it round with me as I run errands or meet friends.

This is the kind of outfit I wear on days when I'm seeking comfort over creativity. Whilst it's not as flamboyant as some of the things I choose to wear, it feels elegant and effortless - two words I would hesitate to use to describe my style!

Also keeping me grinning (and dancing round my bedroom!) is the playlist I've shared below.

Now I've never claimed to be very cultured, or indeed 'cool' when it came to my taste in music. In fact I spent a large proportion of my teens and early-twenties avoiding telling people the kind of music I really liked.

However I think it's safe to say this playlist features so many classics, there's bound to be something for everyone!

Fancy a bedroom dance off anyone?

Love Yours Truly, x


  1. Amazing outfit! I love your hair <3

  2. Absolutely love everything about this outfit !

    Madame Maurice

  3. I love your attitude to 2014! I feel exactly the same about this year, only happy, high moments and full of exciting new things!

    Also, your taste in music is wonderful! ♥

  4. Lovely look!
    So adorable!

  5. In love with your brogues and satchel !

  6. Ah, all-blue outfit is lovely! I think blue really goes well with red hair.
    My mind is struggling with the fact it's warm enough in the UK to walk around like this, I've always thought it must be cold and windy there in winter.. I wish I could put on some dress and a blazer instead of a woolen hat and a coat.. *sigh* :)

  7. I really like this outfit as I know it is something that I would wear on a day to day basis (or when I'm not in uniform!). A shirt and jeans is a go to outfit for me but I love how you've used tones of blue. That satchel is beautiful, you have a very kind family.
    And sometimes it's nice to have a reminder to be happy :)
    Kate xx

  8. Perfect outfit! Soo jealous of your satchel, it's a real beauty :)
    Naomi, x

  9. Love your outfit. I have finally plucked up the courage to start sharing less staged outfit posts and to start cataloguing what I really wear 75% of the time and so it's great to enjoy similar peaks into fellow bloggers' relaxed chic :) xxxxxx

  10. Love your outfit ! <3 your bag !!

  11. you're glowing in those photos, such a lovely outfit :)
    and i have to admit, so far we have been pretty lucky with weather and warm winter.
    take care lovely

  12. Good for you, you even look happy. Then again you always do.


  13. I love you're taste in music.

  14. Great outfit. And I do love the Cambridge Satchel Company story (as well as the product - jealous!) - it's so heart warming and happy. And have you watched their 'About' video on their website - how endearing is the mum?? Love it.

  15. Aw. I hadn't realized you were shy about sharing your blogging with friends though I guess I can get that way too about my own blog. (In my case I worry it will bore people to hear about it or the work that goes into it.) But good luck with your resolutions. I do believe in making them even if I could be better about keeping them myself. And great jeans--I also prefer the high waisted ones.

  16. Love your outfit and your resolution to start being more open about your blog with your friends! This is something I need to work on as well!

  17. Love this outfit, perfect and practical for casual days! I love those satchels, just can't bring myself to buy one!

  18. Your lips with that shirt - gorgeous! And your smile is infectious. I too refuse to be trodden down by January, I'm actually having fun so far! P x

  19. love this post! gorgeous outfit too :) x

  20. i love reading this post!...sure scatchel bag is amazing!!!, and you look comfortable with style! it.

  21. I always feel so awkward asking friends (or my family, for that matter) to take my pictures. Thank goodness I've discovered the magic that is self-picture taking! This outfit is so beautiful - I love how you kept the colors simple and elegant, it turned out perfectly.

  22. I totally agree with you about feeling motivated and cheerful in January. Yes Christmas is over but there's a whole new year ahead of us full of opportunity! It definitely fills me with optimism. Love your outfit btw - sometimes simple is just what you need. That bag is perfection :) x

  23. Your little face! So sweet! :) I love the Joni jeans too, I'm 5'1 so gimme an ankle grazer any day. x

  24. Oh, you look so good! Your blue jeans and cardi and shirt look lovely together, and I can't get over how nice your hair is! I love that you're still feeling positive, it's too early to give up on resolutions! xx

  25. Hello lovely, just came across your blog and it's great - love your style!

    I'm your newest follower and look forward to your next post! :)


  26. Louise is so good at photography then!!

  27. You look amazing! It is my first time here and I am glad to see some nice Brighton blog. I am sorry I have never seen you around, I would probably remembered you! Love your style ! xx

    love from Brighton xx!!

    Eiva Poppins: Brighton Based Blogger

  28. Adorei as cores, azul marinho e marrom combinaram muito bem nesse look !
    Fotos lindas, bem simples e encantador !
    Beijos, Lu