Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Last of the Golden Sun...

I've never been on a 'Winter Sun' holiday before. Like most I retreat England for sunnier shores during the mediocre, overcast-skies affair we call our Summertime. 
So boarding a plane on a rainy evening in late October didn't feel too unusual. It was only when we touched down in the balmy heat of Alicante that some adjusting was required (mostly the removal of all our winter layers!)

For a week, a villa in the small town of Moraira was home, about an hours drive from Alicante. 

It felt odd to be dressing for heat again, so I turned to old favourites, such as this vintage silk scarf which was a Glastonbury find a few years back. I often wear it as a DIY turban (see here here and here!)

The chambray shirt is from Topshop and has very quickly become a favourite in my wardrobe, for lazy days and comfort dressing. 

It's incredibly soft and feels like pyjamas!
The vintage high waisted shorts were an eBay find, another summertime favourite of mine.

The frilled bikini top was lent to me by Becca. I wore this outfit to the beach one afternoon, and once there I kept my turban on alongside my matching black bikini. 
The chambray shirt was perfect as a quick cover-up!

Although obviously not visible to me whilst wearing it, I always try and tie my turban so this tiger features on the back...He's beautiful!

Probably the palest legs in town... And thanks to factor 30 it stayed that way! I can't really explain why but I don't particularly like being tanned! Sun-kissed? Sure! But anything more than a light bronzing and a sprinkling of freckles on my nose...No thanks!

Odd aversions to having a suntan aside, I had a wonderful holiday. As usual I snapped away wherever we went, the only slight difference was that this time I was mostly using a (new to me) Pentax ME Super. A few months previously Becca had patiently shown me how to use this camera, and after getting hold of a model of my old...Voila! My venture into film photography has begun!

Blue skies and amazing views in Valencia (Joshua and I visited for a day to see the city and meet up with a Brighton friend who has moved there!) and Guadalest, where we trekked to see the great views from great heights...

Little man all set for the pool - Junk art in Turia Park - A Valencia moped - Rose Champagne by the pool!

New and Old in Valencia (the architecture of Santiago Calatrava vs. Valencia train station)

Playing on the beach is much more fun than sunbathing! I buried little man, and then to apologise (he loved it really I promise!) helped him build a sandcastle fort!

Flashes of colour surrounding the villa - Sticky finger inducing ice creams - A little friend who joined us for lunch!

And finally, we couldn't resist a few outfit photos on this bridge that linked the two sides of the Turia park in Valencia.
I just wish I had been wearing a more deserving outfit for such a great location! 
My skirt is a vintage eBay find, worn with old sandals a Topshop crop top.

I hope my holiday post hasn't been too photo-heavy for you all (believe me, I did cut it down!) Perhaps this rainy afternoon is just making me eager to share sunny day photos!

Back to winter dressing in the next post...

Love Yours Truly, x


  1. This looks like the perfect holiday! The beautiful scenery and the champagne by the pool and the ice creams are making me really jealous and dreaming of being in spain. Also, you have sunny weather dressing down. I love your headscarf! xx

  2. That skirt on the last pictures is the best, what a great combination of color and print! The headscarf is really nice too, I've seen a little film of you showing how to wear headscarves but I don't think I've seen how to do this trick though... Love to learn it!

  3. Fantastic photos, they remind me a bit of Slim Aarons photography. Looks amazing, have a great holiday! And I love your blog.


  4. Fabulous pics - not too many at all!

    Love the turban... I always have trouble getting the silk not to slide off my head when I tie it up (I've tried a misting of hairspray but it still slips off... any tips?)


  5. Both you and the surroundings look insanely fabulous! :)^^ x

  6. Love the photos! By the way, I don't think an aversion to suntans is odd at all! After all, you would likely be damaging your skin. So, good for you for keeping it natural =)

  7. Love all these photos and your bottom pic outfit. This place really looks like a beautiful dream.

  8. Discovering just your blog and have loved!! All pictures are beautiful! I really like you style, your outfits and all clothing!

  9. How are you real?! Seriously perfect, always.

  10. you totally look like someone from the sixties (:

  11. You may wish you'd worn a more fitting outfit for such a location but I don't think you could have better matched your outfit to the location if you'd tried. The colours and lines of your skirt tie in perfectly with the colours and the shadowed lines created by the bridge. Stunning in its simplicity.

  12. I am from Valencia!!! Fantastic photos!!!! ;)

  13. I dont know what do you mena by a "more deserving outfit" as far as Im concerned you look gorgeous and just plain perfect! In fact its one of my favorites, so simple and relaxed. Girl you look great

  14. I love that headscarf! it's got such a great pattern! And the skirt from your last outfit is really great too :)

  15. Never too many pics! :-) You'e a great photographer, too. Are you sticking with the film thing? I hope so...especially with b/w film you can easily learn to process it yourself in a closet. Color is more complex but then black and white film has a haunting quality I've never matched with digital.

    Lovely seeing so much of Spain. Here in CA folks tend to go to Southern CA or Mexico for our winter holidays; back East, it's Florida or the Gulf Coast. I prefer the stunning red desert lands of Arizona or Utah myself, but I envy you UKers a winter trip to Spain!! Someday...sigh.

    Totally with you on the tanning thing. You will one day be so extra glad you didn't sun-bake yourself! I"m in my 40s and literally--no wrinkles. It is so worth it. :-)

  16. I hope you liked my country! I'm from Madrid, so now it's not so warm there (we have great weather contrasts, although it's a relatively small country). Now I live in Norway and... Well, it makes me feel strange looking at those warm pictures haha I've been reading some of your latest post and I really like your style, congrats for this wonderful blog!

  17. Your outfit for the last couple of bridge photos is perfection! The colours and stripes of the skirt go incredibly well with the colours and design of the bridge - not 'undeserving' in the slightest. x

  18. I love the white mini jean skirt. They just look so warm and sophisticated