Sunday, 24 February 2013

London Calling...

Much as I adore Brighton, it can sometimes feel like you're living in a bubble down here! There is a completely different pace of life and whilst the rest of the country were being driven bonkers by the snow...We had a few flakes scarcely worth remarking on at all.
So with that in mind, a recent trip to London with an old friend was exactly what I was after!

Dressed completely impractically, considering the chill in the air - I was utterly determined to feel like Spring was on its way!
My beautiful coat is a vintage piece from Beyond Retro -  it reminds me so much of Jane Banks from Mary Poppins  it is now lovingly referred to as my 'Jane Coat'.

I wore one of my favourite white shift dresses (the very same which I seem to have worn on my last two birthdays!) with a H&M basic mustard cardigan and a vintage red felt hat from Absolute Vintage on Brick Lane.

The more practical side of blogging...Emptying your pockets into your handbag! 

My vintage vanity case handbag was an eBay bargain, and my gorgeous red mary-janes were originally from Office, but I picked my pair up on eBay (seeing a pattern here anyone?)
Also worth a note is the ruddy great ladder I managed to gain within five minutes of leaving the house...Doh!

I met my friend Richard (more on him in a sec!) and our first port of call was the National Portrait Gallery. We went to see an exhibition of photos and memorabilia of Marilyn Monroe (it was an enjoyable, albeit very small exhibition) however unfortunately it did not allow photography, which always annoys me. 

I did however get this cheeky snap of some busts in one of the sculpture halls - before being reprimanded and sheepishly putting my lens cap back on...Oops!

We then left the gallery, eager to be outside on one of the first sunny days of the year! We walked down the road a little bit and found ourselves here....Trafalgar Square!

It was here that we posed for a 'tourists in our own country' type photo! 

Now as I mentioned previously, Richard is an old friend - we've been close for ten years this year in fact! And it was only when I got home and was editing the photo above, I remembered...Nearly ten years earlier we had posed for photos in the very same place!
Whilst pretty embarrassing to look back on, I am so glad to have had Richard in my life all this time!

The fountains in Trafalgar and very blue sky!

Big Ben hazily in the background...

We then set off (so much walking was done on this day!) for a stroll around St. James Park and a hunt for the pelicans which famously reside there!

The waterfowl of St. James Park... Upon getting there and not instantly seeing scores of pelicans, this reassured Richard that I wasn't in fact making it up!

So we decided to walk all the way around the lake, on a hunt for pelicans! We saw heaps of pigeons, squirrels, ducks and geese of many exotic varieties! Including this little chap...

But no pelicans! that....I think it's.... IT'S A PELICAN RICHAAAAAAARD! (The poor guy...It's a wonder he still goes out in public with me!)

Now whilst I was happy to have seen one, I was a bit disappointed about how far away it was.
But in further proof of 'You never know what's coming for you' a couple of minutes later...This happened!


Now that was unexpected! And let me tell you...Pelicans are BIG!
With our bird-watching sensibilities satisfied, we then decided to head towards Buckingham Palace which is located at the tail end of St. James Park.

It was a lovely place to be in the last few hours of sunlight, and had it not been absolutely rammed with tourists and half-term holidaying families, we probably would have stuck around a bit longer. 

Instead we had a quick chortle at this unfortunate statues expense and then hot-footed it to Covent Garden.

Where we had delicious macaroons from Ladurée, a bit of a mooch around the covered market and watched street performers entertaining the evening crowds.

We then headed out separate ways, Richard was off to an Arsenal football match, and I was going to see a Time for T gig in Balham.

All that walking certainly made for a knackering day, but it was so lovely to see an old friend for a catch up, and to see so many lovely (free!) parts of London I haven't taken the time to see as much as I should.

Apologies for the photo-heavy post! I couldn't narrow it down!

More soon,

Love Yours Truly, x


  1. amazing photos and lovely outfit :) i really like yours hat :) so adorable~
    take care!

  2. Your outfit is lovely! I love the colour of your coat, it goes really well with the red!

  3. Those old pictures are wonderful! What a treasure to be able to dig out. And that skirt you were wearing way back when is pretty awesome - I hope you went to the National Portrait Gallery on that day too - because that would be a perfect skirt for it!

  4. The colours, the colours! Love this outfit Kerry, especially your shoes and hat with that coat. You really are such a stunner and your lovely face always reminds me to smile more in pictures. I am very ashamed to say that I have never been to St james Park! I totally am now though, I reckon Craig and I will be going on a simular Pelican hunt very soon and that Gif made me crack up. Glad you had a lovely time sweetheart. xxx

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  6. You must've been freezing in that outfit! It was so cold in London this weekend! :P
    (ps. I love your bag!!)

  7. This reminds me ho much I miss London and how much I wanna come back really soon; but unfortunately I cannot travel this year :(
    Love love love your red shoes; I'm a red shoes' addict <3!!

  8. Beautiful photos! I looove the National Portrait Gallery, & it is so fun to be a tourist in a place you know well, you always discover so many new things :)


  9. Oh wow, this makes me miss London so much! These photos are beautiful, and so are you!

  10. I've taken loads of photos in the National Portrait Gallery before. Oops!


  11. You have such a cute style. I love it! The Jane coat is so pretty. I LOVE your sunglasses.

  12. beautiful photos<3

  13. Amazing outfit! That coat is so retro and I love your hat and dress! Very nice dear :)

  14. Haven't been to London in aaages - this post has got me geared-up for another visit. Looks like you both had a lovely day (great outfit too!)


  15. HOLY SHIT, that pelican's such a jurassic beast! :O
    I love the photographs, they captured the hazy charm of London and you look adorably pretty, everything is so lovely in your outfit :) You look precious.

  16. I'm so in love with your romantic 'white dress' look.
    Really nice pictures from London. I have to go ♥ Jasmin

  17. This post brought back so many memories of my own trip to London eight years ago! Glad you had a good time -- and I love your cute red shoes! :)

  18. I love love your outfit and the pretty London pictures. Makes me want to visit again. I love how you paired the yellow cardigan and red hat and shoes with your simple white dress. Adorable.

  19. Outfit pretty and chic as always :-). LOVE the hazy Big Ben photo, great use of telephoto!

  20. Oh stop. Just stop. I was all fine and 'oh how nice you look' until I saw that gorgeous shot of Trafalgar Square. I miss London so much! Such great photos as always, and you look so lovely. Glad you had a nice time there, the weather seems so pleasant. xxx

  21. Absolutely loving the outfit, especially the coat and the hat! Was hoping the hat wasn't vintage, and bam, it is! Wouldn't mind owning that hat that's for sure! That is also one very crazy pelican lol! I laughed so hard xD

    I'm having a blogsale if you'd like to check it out

  22. love the long shadows, the pelican gif and old and young pictures! great post.

  23. what a great city! love your outfit too :)

  24. I have just been up to London and it was manic with all the half-term crowd, but very enjoyable. Love your sunglasses and red shoes, in fact I love your whole outfit hehe :) I cant wait to visit again x

  25. you really know how to make the color red look good! love this!

  26. I'm moving to London in the summer and I can't wait! I love that you can do so much for free just by wandering around x

  27. Your outfits are so good to be true:)
    They make me miss London!

    Hugs from Istanbul!

  28. Beautiful pictures and lovely outfit :)
    Naomi, x

  29. this is my absolute favourite coat of yours. SO cute! I would looove to dig up something like that somewhere.