Friday, 1 February 2013

Buckets of Rain...

Life is good right now. Despite the awfully dreary January weather, and the completely disheartening fact that everything I crochet lately seems to be going horribly wrong (clearly having an off week - argh!) 
I feel like life in Brighton is reaching a stage of normality, and whilst I'm not going to be so presumptuous as to state that I've 'settled in' completely right now, I'm certainly heading in the right direction!

These photos were taken on a recent bright afternoon when I met Joshua in one of his free lessons. We went for a stroll around some public gardens near where we live and played with some pigeons!

I'm completely in love with this polka blouse I found on eBay (originally Topshop) it's a lovely soft fabric, and goes with almost everything! 
On this occasion I wore it with my vintage high waisted wool trousers from Beyond Retro, a basic H&M cardigan, and the sneakers I bought for Portugal last year.

I wore my hair in a rather sizeable topknot - something I rarely do, but I really enjoyed it! It felt like a nod to Diane Keaton's 'Annie Hall' when worn this fairly masculine outfit.

I feel I should also mention that my gold Wonder Woman-esque belt is something I've held on to for years! It was a freebie with Elle Girl magazine! I remember being so sad when that wonderful magazine went out of publication.

I thought I'd also take a chance to feature my 'Jane Banks' (Mary Poppins) coat again...Oh man I love this thing! I kept thinking how Poiret-like it looked with the loose fitting trousers!

And if you were curious about my little bag... Just look at it in all its glory! A real bargain charity shop find, this little beauty set me back the grand sum of  £1.50! I remember seeing an identical one years ago and for some reason not picking it up, and then really regretting it. So imagine my joy at getting a second chance!

As we walked along Hove high street en route to a tasty burger joint, I snapped the beautiful Spring (not quite here yet but still!) flowers...

And the colourful fruit and veg... I love it when markets and shops pile up their produce like this!

And despite taking a good thirty or so photos of us playing with the pigeons, I thought I'd keep it simple with this Hitchcock tribute! SO many pigeons!!!

Oh - and despite everyone else who I have showed this photo to thinking it was creepy, I'm completely besotted with this dolls head candle holder! It's so unusual! I don't think Joshua would be too happy if I bought one though!

I have another post all lined up for later in the week, it's a bit of a wordy one but it's something I feel I want to share and discuss with you all...So expect that soon!

Enjoy your weekends! 

Love Yours Truly, x


  1. Me encantan los pantalones!!!

  2. I absolutely love your style - the coat is awesome! The baby candle holder is pretty cool too! xxx

  3. I am a total sucker for anything navy and red. Love the outfit and your adorable coat. And the knitting bag!

  4. Really cute outfit! You look fab. I ended up having a masculine outfit on last weekend too. I expected to be lounging about the house all day so was wearing some cozy trousers that are a wee bit too big so never get worn in public. But then, having to pop out, I belted them up and put on some heels (to deal with the largeness at the waist and longness of the length!) and pulled on a casual jumper. I looked in the mirror and actually thought "Hmm! Not bad - shame I'm just popping to the shops!"

    Love the bag too - so wonderful to have a second shot!

    And spring will be here soon, I'm sure of it... x

  5. Aw you're so beautiful :)
    Sorry for this silly comment, it is spontaneous!
    hope to meet you one day in Brighton, maybe!

  6. That doll head is the creepiest thing I've ever seen! Pretty awesome though!


  7. You always look so cute! I am so jealous of your style :) I'm glad you are starting to feel more at home in your new town! Have a great weekend!

  8. You look beautiful darling, love the polka dots, the top is gorgeous and love those high waisted trousers - a fabulous look!

    Eda x

  9. Yes, all for a bit of a Dianne Keaton vibe. I'm always in ore of your hair. It looks so lovely. I remember Elle Girl! I used to love getting freebies with those kinds of magazines.

  10. your hair looks lovely that way.. and i want want this doll head, it's creepy and adorable at the same time

  11. Great pics--and the polka dot top was a great find. There's something about polka dots, isn't there? They really add a touch of whimsy to an outfit.

  12. that bag is amazing! I really love your outift


  13. Really love your outfit and that bag was such a great find!

  14. That bag is absolutely amazing!
    It's crazy but I have that exact belt - from Elle Girl too! It was my all time favourite magazine I collected every issue. Haha


  15. I used to have that belt! I miss Elle Girl so much x

  16. oh gosh, ah! this outfit is perfect. i adore the bag you are holding with you and the pants are to die for!

    lindsey louise

  17. Love these photos, you look so pretty!

    Have a great weekend,

  18. I love your blouse and your coat! Absolutely gorgeous xx

  19. Oh man these trousers are adorable on you! I have a really similar pair and am sort of intimidated by them. I love how yours look with the polka dot blouse and red cardigan. I may have to try a similar look someday!

  20. Cutest little bag!
    And you look absolutely gorgeous ;)

  21. My, but your hair looks lovely in that updo! Makes me want to cut bangs into my hair so I can rereate the look! Wonderful coat too, and I want pants like that, truly I do!

  22. You are very cute!
    And that baby head for the candle is amazing!

  23. loving those pants. very katherine hepburn.
    the bag and the dolls head are both bordering on obscenely cute...with a slight twist of creepy on the doll heads part.

  24. Annie Hall meets Mary Poppins - now THAT'S a very stylish combination! And I'm terribly envious of your bag. What a perfect find.

  25. Perfect rosy cheeks! So pretty :)

  26. That bag is amazing!! What a great find :)

  27. I don't read your blog regularly but sometimes I do through few pages at once and I always love it...and to get to the point of my comment, the candle holder reminded me of this .. not sure if it is the same or just a coincidence anyway I would have bought it for sure! :))