Thursday, 17 January 2013

We Sailed Away On A Winters Day...

I've had this post up my sleeve for about a week now, and have been really excited to share it with you, as it felt like something new and different when it was being created, and that is exactly what I wanted for the blog this year!

Now as most of you know (or would have figured out by now) Joshua predominately takes my outfit photos on this blog. He would be the first to tell you he's not a photographer, and yet time after time he willingly takes my SLR and captures beautiful images for me to edit to my hearts content and then share with you all!
I'm incredibly grateful for Joshuas patience and support when it comes to this blog, he doesn't always 'get it' but he is always willing to help - long story short, I know I'm a lucky gal!

Now that being said, when the chance of 'working' with my friend Emma Speight a ridiculously talented photographer sprung up, I simply couldn't refuse!
So on a cold winters day, with the icy wind and cloudy grey skies (when was the last time I saw a peep of blue?) we headed down to the Brighton beach front, and captured the following...

Emma works almost exclusively as a film photographer (you know - the real kind, with talent and an understanding of shutter speeds and aperture!) so using my Nikon, she felt a little out of depth!
However as a result of her playing around with settings, many happy accidents were produced. For a start...this gorgeous Wes-Anderson-esque golden glow! 

It was also amazing to have a female photographer with an eye for 'that wayward strand of hair' or the smudge of liquid eyeliner....Joy!

And the outfit? Well this little number was something I treated myself to from Topshop! I spied it during some unsuccessful sale shopping, and after much of a hoo-hah about which size fitted best (I chose the looser fit so that I could layer it up with blouses and striped t-shirts!) I finally got it!

It's unusual for me to buy something full price from the high street, (I normally wait for it appear on eBay) however I was not willing to chance it with this pinafore! It's made from a lovely thick boucle fabric, and to me, is a wonderful combination of 1930's school girls, 'Madeline' and 60's beatniks.

I layered up the dress with my 1970's cotton shirt from The Splendid Suitcase, H&M deep mustard tights (the love affair with this colour continues!) white Topshop brogues I found on eBay and a vintage red felt hat from one of the thrift shops in Brighton.

Emma chose the following setting...I know I'm repeating myself, but I love the Wes Anderson vibes! As a huge fan of his work, and as someone who was completely enamoured stylistically with 'Moonrise Kingdom'...I can but try to re-capture some of his magic!

Taking close ups on a cold, windy day is hard! Your eyes stream and your make up runs! Though it has to be said, Emma suffered worse than I did - the trooper!

And finally, one more tribute to Wes...What post of this nature would be complete without a nod to Steve Zissou and his signature pose?

I hope you've enjoyed these pictures, I had fun creating them!
I want to thank Emma sincerely for all of her help and for being so relaxed about allowing me to edit them myself (something in my limited experience that is quite rare with photographers!) 

I really recommend you have a look at her tumblr - she hasn't put much online yet, but I know that she has some big projects in the pipeline (and fingers crossed we can collaborate again sometime!) which would be well worth checking out.

More next week, and let me know if there's anything you fancy seeing - I'm still toying with the best way of creating a cosmetics post!

Love Yours Truly, x 


  1. So this is the infamous Topshop dress! You have a wonderful eye, for it looks divine. Such beautiful photos; you and Emma should do more shoots together methinks! xo

  2. Absolutely love how these photos turned out!


  3. beautiful outfit and great photos - they have a little bit of magical something, great mood.


  4. Was that last photo Steve Zissou inspired? I hope so! x

  5. such beautiful photographs! x

  6. These pictures turned out wonderfully! I absolutely love the colors and the lighting. So pretty. Your outfit is adorable too. I can definitely see the bit of Madeline inspiration going on. You really can't go wrong matching primary colors together.

  7. superbes photos :) je suis une fan de wes anderson :) trop pretty !

  8. I love all of these shots! So beautiful! You look lovely too. xxx

  9. These shots are great!
    I do the same- I buy mostly on ebay or from the sale rack. Most things on the high street are over priced! But I can see why you got this one, it's really cute and so versatile!


  10. Absolutely lovely photos, you look beautiful! xx

  11. My first thought after seeing these photos: "it looks like a costume from Wes Anderson's movie!" :) Love the colours and the atmosphere of these shots, good job!

  12. these turned out beautifully! love your primary colours, and wool jumpers always steal my heart:)

  13. Kerry everything is just stunning - you, the photos, the outfit, the beach!!! So beautifully shot and your outfit really suits the background... you look an absolute delight ;)

    Catherine x

  14. These are hands down some of the prettiest blog photographs I have ever seen! I love the jumper, the backdrops, and the overall style, everything works perfectly together! Just thought I would say hi! I found your blog through Kate (Scathingly Brilliant's) mention of you in her Modcloth interview. Following along on Bloglovin and honestly can't wait to see more!

  15. GORGEOUS photos!!!! I love the picture of you posing with the boat so much :D
    You always have such wonderful blog photos, I think your boyfriend does a great job with the camera! I've roped mine into taking mine too and we are both slowly learning how to use the SLR.

  16. These are beautiful, especially loving the Zissou pose!

  17. I absolutely love these photos, they're beautiful. I love the backdrop, and your outfit, and the golden haze, and well, just all of it haha.

  18. What a magical location! You look absolutely beautiful :) Love the simple colors and shapes!

    <3 Megan

  19. I can't help but think of you every time I watch a Wes Anderson film now. These pictures suit your aesthetic so perfectly. That last one, is just WOW! xx

  20. These photos are simply fabulous.

  21. Fun! The lighting is perfect and I love your outfit.

  22. Beautiful photos! It never occurred to me that someone else took your photos, I assumed everyone used the tripod-and-self-timer option. You must feel a lot less silly with someone taking your photos and making sure your best side is captured :) wonderful post!

  23. A really lovely outfit! Love the color combo!
    Sabrina, x.

  24. Adorable as always, but these pictures are some of my favorite of yours!! Especially love the last one. You look straight out of a magazine pictoral!

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  26. So cute ! love the colours !

    Xx Methilda, french blogger

  27. Lovely *-*
    I want a yeloow things too ;)
    xoxox, Lu

  28. Lovely outfit and beautiful place!

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  29. Love this shoot! You do remind me of Madeline! I used to love that show. :) - Carla

  30. Just found your blog from The Secret Life of Bee, and I adore it! I visited Brighton about eight years ago with my family, and I absolutely fell in love. I still have dreams about the gorgeous boardwalk and the old-fashioned feel. New follower! :)

  31. These photos are so beautiful! You really look stunning.