Thursday, 10 January 2013

Keeping Busy...

January is a funny old month. In Britain, it's cold, more often than not raining, and every street you walk down has depressing 70% off sale signs, garishly attempting to lour you into spending money on something you don't particular like or need.

However (before this post sounds too pessimistic!) It's the perfect month to hole yourself in the comfort of your room, with good books, magazines and new year projects to keep yourself busy and entertained. I'd thought I'd show you all what I've been keeping busy with, including a little taste of things to come!

These photos were taken by the fire station in Brighton, after Joshua and I went out for some vegetables and fresh air! The vintage skirt is an old favourite (See here, here and here!) which I hadn't worn for a very long time as the hem needed repairing, and I just never quite got round to doing it! (Ridiculous really as it only took minutes to fix!)

I've worn it with (this) polka dot dress underneath as a blouse and a putty-coloured H&M cardigan. My wonky little scottie dog brooch joined in the fun again too!

I purchased these vintage-style seam stockings in the Topshop Christmas sale, and the beautiful patent red Mary-Janes were an eBay find. Originally from Office, when they were in store I saved to grab a pair, only to find my size sold out by the time I was ready! So imagine my glee at getting a near-mint pair for a snip!

The vanity case was my Mums in the 60s, with an old neck scarf as a replacement handle.

Wanna know what has kept me smiling this week? 

Regular little packages from my postman, one of which was this (quite frankly) amazing print by Max Dalton, of 111 Archer Avenue, the home of the Tenenbaum family in Wes Anderson's 'The Royal Tenenbaums'. 

As a huge Wes Anderson fan (let's face it - who isn't?!) I completely adore it! 

Right down to the zebras on Margots wallpaper - every detail and every character is featured in this beautiful coloured (limited edition - cough cough!) print. 
I purchased my print via The Peoples Print Shop, which sell a limited edition print for a ten day period, before no longer selling them again!
I caught my Max Dalton print with two days to go! Phew!

And for a print that good, I had to work on getting the frame right! Whilst at home for Christmas I stocked up on emulsion paint sample pots and cheap charity shop frames, which all came in very handy!

For instance, this frame...Which seems to have photographed quite nicely, is actually really ghastly and plastic-y in real life. Until...

A few coats of deep coral! Personally I much prefer this end product!

And once my print was mounted in its newly painted frame, up on the wall it went! Along with a beautiful print of ballerinas that Joshua got for one of my Christmas presents from a local flea market (I had been eyeing it up for weeks!)

I also put up my favourite photograph of my Mum and I, my very first sewing attempts (aged six!) an embroidered house I picked up in a Berlin flea market a few summers ago, a print of one of my favourite vintage vogue covers, a charity shop taxidermy butterfly and some vintage photographs I love.

Two of which are of a school production featuring these adorable little ballerinas! I love so many aspects of these photos!

And once I was done with my hammer and tacs, I set about clearing and organising my work space...

This little vintage shelving tower from a flea market really helps to give me a bit more space, and to display all those trinkets that I like to surround myself with! 

The porcelain swan is a tribute to my hometown, our town crest features a swan and a crown - it's good to remember where you came from!

And why all this mad cleaning, preening and organising? 

Well the wheels are in motion at long last! Having settled in a home I love, in a city I adore - being financially comfortable and not having a hefty train journey keeping me away from my man anymore, I have the time, money and ambition to finally get my long-awaited home textile business off the ground!

I have started making and creating bits and pieces already, but until I decide the time is right to show those properly.... Here's a sneaky peak!

I'm aiming to launch in March (oh man that seems so close!) and will of course keep you all informed of my triumphs, tears and tangled wool in the meantime!
Any suggestions or queries are of course welcome!

More soon (I'm very excited about the next post!)

Love Yours Truly, x


  1. Love that outfit - the red seams, omg! Good luck with your plans :)

    Sam Muses xx
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  2. Ooh, I always fall so in love with the things in your flat! The red sewing machine is truly a dream! <3 and I love it how it perfectly matches your red backseam tights!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  3. I love how whimsical everything in your home is! Sweet without looking cluttered or "over-thought."

  4. holy crap I'm working on the same idea at the moment! Crocheting like mad to try get a decent amount of stock made!

  5. you are just so cute I cannot even stand it. It isn't fair.

  6. So much beauty packed in this post! Your outfit is so perfect.
    And so is your little workspace! Good luck with your new endeavor.
    I look forward to seeing your work!

  7. I love the pop of red in your outfit and those stockings are to die for!!!
    Good luck with your new project.


  8. Your hairstyle is very cute and the outfit as well :)! And love the deco-setting!
    Sabrina, x.

  9. Kerry, I am so so happy that you are able to begin your home textile business! I can't wait to watch as it progresses and flourishes <33

  10. I love the pink sewing machine. I need to organize my work space. It's so silly that we put off mending things when it's so easy :) I have a whole stack of things.

  11. I'm so happy and proud that you will live your dream very soon!
    And: cute outfit!

  12. Ooo, this post was a visual treat! You and your belongings! I've been doing the same approach to January - organising, throwing things out, reading lots, little projects, and am about to put a load of clothes and accessories on Ebay. I'm waiting for packages from the postie too - a very late Christmas present from my little brother, and a Christmas present to myself! Ha ha!

    Good luck with all these endeavours!

    Porcelina x

  13. Like everyone else, I love your outfit and your space! All of your pictures don't match but they all go together. If that makes sense. I love getting peeks into your home! Looks like you've put a lot of work and love into it! Good luck on your business venture. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  14. You have a gorgeous house.
    Everything is so cute.
    Love the Tenenbaums print.

    XO Arezu

  15. Oh my gosh of course you don't need us to tell you but your hair, girl, your hair. Is. A kind of perfection I wasn't quite sure existed. Holy wow.

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  16. Lovely outfit (particularly love the red shoes and vintage case)....

    Aren't you an organised so and so (very jealous!) and can't wait to see what crafty goodies you'll be selling :)

  17. so first I really love your shoes and stockings, then I adore what you did with that frame and finally I can't stop smiling about your super pink sewing machine :D

  18. I love your outfit ... you are really pretty girl :)
    Kisses from Bosnia! :D

  19. Linda e inspiradora!

  20. I am loving your workspace Kerry! One of my goals for the rest of my holidays is to organise and pretty up my study, you've definitely given me some inspiration. All the best in getting your business up and running, I look forward to seeing your creations soon! X

  21. Just found your blog. It's nice to meet you! :-) Love your outfit (especially the Mary Janes!) and it was lovely to get a look at your workspace. Best wishes for your business!

  22. This is such a cute outfit, I love the color of the skirt and those tights! Eee, I've always wanted a pair like those. These are really cute prints and I love the color you choose to paint the picture frame, I have such a hard time finding picture frames I like so I really need to get off my butt and start painting the ones I find with good bones.


  23. what an incredibly cute print! and looooove those tights!