Tuesday, 27 November 2012

One Of My Little Pleasures...

Good evening from a rainy, cold Brighton!

First of all thank you so much for all of your lovely feedback on my previous post, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! 

I am, as anyone who regularly reads this blog will know, a huge eBay fiend! So many of my possessions are the result of a well timed bid, including my bicycle, furniture and knick knacks in my room, as well as clothes, shoes, smellies, accessories, books and fabric!

Suffice to say...It's my favourite way to shop!
My latest eBay find was this cute mustard lace shirt....

Mustard is definitely one of my favourite colours, and I couldn't resist this top when I saw it! I'm wearing it over a nude body suit (heaven forbid my underwear show through!) with a H&M white cardigan, vintage navy school skirt, and my current favourite shoes (originally from Topshop - I found a pair on eBay!)

I'm also sporting some amazing new tights from Primark! They're fleece-lined, and against the raging sea-winds...So snuggly!
My scottie dog buddy who is kindly accessorising my shirt was a charity shop find in my teen years...He's so cute, he has survived numerous clear-outs over the years!

Also worth a mention (as I receive numerous emails requesting this!) I haven't dyed my hair for about ten weeks now...Perhaps longer (I forget!) 
After deciding to no longer be a red head, I dyed my hair dark brown and have since then allowed it to fade out to this warm chestnut colour.
Whilst I've certainly noticed a difference in my hairs condition, I'm planning to dye it again soon to combat root regrowth!

So for those of you who asked, that's how I achieved my current colour!

My nail polish is 'Big Smoke' from Topshop (a lovely sludgy grey which reminds me of wet clay!) and my lipstick is a blend of Topshops 'Rio Rio' and MACs 'Chilli'

I'm still debating how to best do a make-up post (again, requested often!) but for today I thought I would share one of my favourite ways of blowing money...Magazines!

I have become quite select with my magazine preferences over the years. There was a stage (ok...four or five years!) when I would religiously purchase Vogue, Elle, ID and Glamour every month. However moving house with all those magazines became such a hassle that after a full day going through them all and tearing out pages I liked - I donated the lot to a local schools art department, and my shelves breathed a creaking sigh of relief!

Below I list some current favourites, some of which you have probably heard of, or even collect yourself. I just wanted to explain why I like each publication, and why I would encourage others to try out a copy.

Ok. So I know this one is considered akin to the Bible in every dreamy, whimsical, girly fashion-lovers collection! Leith Clarks heavenly bi-annual publication is at the top of the pile. It's exempt from my 'having a clear-out' cutting or tearing of pages. They're all too beautiful to damage in any way! 
I remember when I found my first issue (No.5 with Kirsten Dunst) being so enchanted by the soft-focus editorials, and the sublime styling. This is a female magazine created by females. No OTT sexiness, or 'How Achieve Your Dream Holiday Body' articles here! 
It's soft, feminine, a little bit off the wall and incredibly inspiring. 

Put it this way...As long as they keep making it, I'll keep buying it!

This Australian publication is also a firm favourite of mine. Reading an issue can lift my mood, and inspire me to start new craft projects, write a letter, practise my ukulele - essentially better my creative-self in some way!
A huge advocate of small, own brands and websites, Frankie opens up a world of creativity on beautifully formatted, textured paper pages.
Frankie also has a free pull-out poster with every issue, featuring a design from an illustrator from that issue, and a three month calendar on the back! 
Every page is such a joy to look at, I could gush about this magazine for ages!

I picked up my first copy of this french publication during a visit to Paris in 2009. It's funny how you can enjoy a magazine so much, despite only understanding a handful of words within it! Such is the loveliness of Jalouse!
A bit tougher and sexier than the other magazines I'm featuring, my favourite parts of Jalouse are the kookily-styled editorials (something about the way this magazine is styled doesn't feel as 'safe' as its UK counterparts) and the movie inspiration pages (pictured below)
As someone who contextualises 90% of her wardrobe (some favourites include 'Little House on the Prairie dress' and 'Taxi Driver hot pants') I love the idea of recreating looks from your favourite films...

A friend I work with recently introduced me to this craft magazine, and I went to get my own copy the very next day! (She has since, very sweetly given me all of her back issues to flick through!)

This for me, is a craft magazine without all the naffness of creating matching twinsets in angora, or other dull, dated craft projects!
Giving you insights into others studios, creative pursuits and loads of simple to follow tutorials, I have bookmarked numerous pages to work on the projects they show!

I enjoy this one so much, I've asked for a subscription this Christmas!

Comparatively quite a small publication, I purchased my copy of Betty via their blog. It's such a sweet, feminine magazine! Though lacking in word content (the pages consist mostly of editorials, with a handful of recipes, and a few written articles) the charming Betty certainly brightened up my day! 
I can't wait to see what they come up with in their next issue!

Recipes, amateur photography, and articles written by individuals in a personal, letter style format...What's not to like?
I discovered Oh Comely during my university days when I spotted Emmy The Great inside a issue in WHSmiths. 
I have since sporadically bought copies, but always thoroughly enjoyed them.
The illustrations used to bring articles to life are endearing and well executed. 
Reasonably priced, this magazine makes a great accompaniment to an afternoon cup of tea on a rainy day.

Oh man I struggle to get hold of copies of this one! Always worth it when I do though!
Great articles, interestingly style fashion editorials, as well as book, movie and music review pages.
I also like their choice of celebrities that they feature, including Miranda July (pictured) Devendra Banhart, Kirsten Dunst, Feist and Laura Marling.
There is something delightfully 'Sunday Morning' about this magazine. The lighting in the photos is nostalgic and makes you reminisce about the Summer just gone...If you find a copy, grab it (and could you get me one too please?!)

Hopefully amongst that lot you may have found one that you didn't already know about!
If you do pick up a copy of one of them, I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

More soon,

Love Yours Truly, x


  1. The mustard shirt is wonderful! :) And thanks for the magazine advice, they all look great.

  2. What those tights are LINED? That's so cool! I need to get myself some!
    I love your schoolgirl skirt!


  3. I love your shoes! I've definitely cut down on buying most monthly magazines, I mainly read blogs and splash out on occasional titles such as Frankie and Lula. They're just so creative and refreshing, must check out some of your other finds too!

  4. the doggy broach is adorable!
    actually the whole lot is adorable!

  5. I love that mustard top! Super pretty. What a fantastic find :)
    Also, Mollie Makes is definitely one of my favorite magazines!

  6. You're such a doll! I love your top. :)
    xo, Tori

  7. I can't believe how gorgeous you look today!

  8. Your hair still looks red to me! I dye mine that dark red color though because it doesn't fade as much as ginger reds do. I think the darker red looks super pretty on you. Your outfit is also adorable, as usual. I love the pleated skirt paired with your yellow lace top. The scottie dog pin is great too!

  9. Wonderful ebay find! Love it!
    I'm not a huge ebay fan...the bidding makes me nervous.
    Your hair looks great like this. I once bleached mine and going dark again was a real pain...

  10. Love your magazine picks, Frankie is my favourite :) Betty looks like a lovely magazine, not sure if there's any stockists in Australia though. I'm more a fan of print magazine than digital :)

  11. I was in UK for the weekend looking for some good magazine to bring home, I wish I knew about these, they look amazing! :)
    I always enjoy so much your Brighton adventures and your style :)

  12. Super joli ce chemisier jaune! J'adore le style de ta jupe!
    Bisous, bonne journée! http://leComptoirdeLaura.wordpress.com/

  13. Amazing outfit as always, your style is impeccable!

    The magazines look so interesting! I have started to collect Oh Comely and it is such a lovely read! I really want to get my hands on Lula, Frankie and Mollie Makes!!

    Aimée x

  14. Oh my, lovely magazines, I love Lula. Your mustard top is just so pretty. :)


  15. Love this outfit! Especially the shoes, skirt & little doggy brooch! <3


  16. Love your whole outfit, and the dog brooch is sooo cute - I can imagine why he survived all those years!

    xoxo, Femke
    By Button

  17. Your look is just perfect, i love the silhouette and... everyhting!

  18. I've never heard about Betty and it seems like it's a shame!;)
    My mum got a brooch like yours and you made me want to steal it!
    I always wear black tights (but as Dita Von Tesse said it's a french thing: “Can anyone explain this thing Parisienne girls have for wearing black tights with jean shorts? I'm puzzled by this popular look.”) but your use of dark blue tights is very inspiring!;)

  19. You are so beautiful! I love this whole look.

    Many of the magazines you listed are some of my favorites too! Lula and Mollie Makes are definitely on the top of my list. I need to check out a few of the others. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Thank you for sharing these magazines!

    I love your style so much.

  21. I have the same thights! My best buy this fall :)
    You look great, as always.

  22. Such a great post! SO informative and well rounded! Made me smile!

  23. I love the shirt, I have the same one and I wear it all the time. I nabbed mine from the urban outfitters sale some time last year. Oh Comely looks very tempting, might give it a go.

  24. I love your outfit, I am desperate for some school girl shoes like those! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these mags, I am always looking for some good ones to read. Molly Makes is a favourite of mine too x x


  25. love your outfit, that yellow lace shirt was a great buy! and your scottie dog brooch too.

    i'm not a huge magazine reader but i'm definitely a lula girl through and through, and i've been a long time frankie reader. i also used to get yen every issue but i haven't bought it in a while. i'm sorry to hear it's so hard to find for you, though living in australia means frankies and yens are everywhere you turn but lula is considerably more difficult to find!


  26. I love your style and your bangs! I wish I could exchange letters with you, you seem like a really awesome person :)

  27. Hey, I totally licensed that photo of Kirsten Dunst (by Terry Richardson) to Yen for their cover back when I worked for Terry's agency, Art Partner! So funny seeing it here as I've never actually seen it in person. It's an Australian magazine, right?


  28. mustard and navy are so beautiful together! they really compliment your hair as well. :)

  29. aw, i'm first time here and i must say it that you are beautiful and you've got amazing sense of style- it's awesome! <3
    i like this outfit a lot. i'm jealous cus i'm not very good at ebay. sometimes, i try to find something, but it's not that easy for me :(. your stuff are amazing <3
    thank you for sharing all these mags. i've heard that these are amazing. i have never had any of them in my hands. it's probably because i'm from poland. anyway, today i bought frankie calendar so :) aw ok.
    have a lovely day cute lady :)

  30. I love the shirt. It was a great find! And thank you so much for the magazine recommendations. I had never heard of Betty, and it sounds like such a great magazine that I would love to read. I am a magazine hoarder, having too many to count, and I seriously need to throw most of them out. There's something about magazines that completely captivates me.

  31. i love your style ! visit me ;) ;*

  32. You are so beautiful! I adore your outfit, your style is girly and vintage I really like it!

  33. I feel like you'd quite like Worn Journal out of Toronto. It's a great independent publication focusing on fashion, beauty, et cetera. I love it, and know several people who have interned or written for them over the years.

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