Friday, 26 October 2012

Finding A New Life For Yourself...

Upon moving to Brighton a couple of months ago, I felt excited and nervous, elated and lonely all in the same breath. I'm aware the time I moved was around the time a lot of young people move to strange towns and cities to pursue their education.

And having done that before myself a number of years ago (seriously where is time going?!) I knew this time would be easier. For a start a lot of friendships had been forged in Brighton already, thanks to my constant commuting down here for weekends and mini breaks. I knew my way around town quite well and even knew some of the bus routes should I ever need to hop on one.

All that aside, it was still a change, and dear friends were still being moved away from, the familiar and the comforting becoming a two and a half hour journey away. 
So now that I have settled into my new job, and my new flat (which I am beginning to love dearly!) I collaborated with a group of like minded ladies to set up a community of sorts, the details of which follow after my outfit!

As I probably mention every year - Autumn is my favourite season! I love how the sunlight looks at this time of year, the colours of the dying leaves and the requirement of layering up clothes!
My autumnally-suitable look was based around one of my favourite necklaces!
The hat is from Absolute Vintage - I think it's a 70's design though it can be tweaked quite easily to appear much older. 

The rest of my outfit consists of high street finds! The H&M mustard cardigan that I love wearing with everything right now! An old Topshop skirt, and Pri- (cough-cough!)-mark t-shirt and thick wool tights.

And here's a better view of one of my favourite necklaces! An eBay find, I couldn't resist it's child-like charm! I mean who wouldn't want to carry around tributes to their favourite animals?

Right! Now back to the community of sorts! At the Blackbird Tea Rooms (my place of work) we have started The Blackbird Craft Collective!
Held every Wednesday in the beautiful tea rooms we get crafty with knitting, crocheting, sewing and many other types of creative goodness, all whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea and a slice of delicious cake!

We've had a couple of sessions so far, and I have to say, with my fledgling crochet skills it's a lot of fun! The fact you can drop in and out of the conversation (depending on how your work is developing!) and nibble on cake too is perfect!

Emily showing off her first crochet sample! Might have a bit of a way to go on that scarf!

Kate was working on a sock monster!

Deep in concentration!

As I mentioned before, the sessions are held in the tea rooms on Ship Street, every Wednesday from 7pm to normally about 9pm.

This is my calling to all Brighton girls (and boys!) who fancy coming along! We would love to meet you!

And fear not if you haven't got a crafty skill just yet - Kate, a member of staff at the Blackbird is an incredible knitter and would be more than happy to help guide you in the right direction (as she is with Chloe here!)

You can also use the time to repair any clothes which might need a bit of TLC - let's face it, we all have some bits like this we never get round to doing!

The girls get stuck in....

So if you are fairly local to Brighton and you would like to join us, then please do!

For a mere £5 you can enjoy tea and cake of your choice, and while away some winter hours making new friends! 

I've started a facebook group (literally just started!) so if you are interested then please join that, or if you have any questions you can leave them in the comment box below.

I hope to see some of you! The next session (because of Halloween) will be on Wednesday the 7th of November - though I will remind you all nearer to the time!

Hope you're all very well,

Love Yours Truly, x


  1. What a cute outfit in those first pics! Glad you are settling in well to Brighton, it's a fab place and I have nearly moved there twice in my life, but both times life took a different turn!

    I look forward to seeing some of your creative efforts when they're finished. Any Christmas themed items planned??

    Porcelina xx

  2. aw so cool. i hope Brighton will be good to you!
    that hat is adorable! i love that boho-vintage look :)


  3. I'm glad to hear you've been settling into your new city so well! I recently moved too and it's so daunting! I love your striped sweater paired with that handkerchief bythe way - too cute! <3

  4. Oh how I wish I lived in Brighton, such a fabulous idea you came up with! Sounds like you're make a lovely life down in Brighton hun :)

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


  5. this crafty community sounds awesome! I wish I had something like that here.

  6. Wish i could live in Brighton, it looks like you girls have a lot of fun :)

  7. Just showed my housemates this post and we’d all love to come along if you’ll have us! We were thinking about joining the Brighton WI too, apparently there is a lot of young people that go along. The only problem is I am not amazing at crochet or knitting !!
    Charlotte x

  8. This is such a lovely idea, if I lived in Brighton I would love to join! You look adorable as always :) xxxxx

  9. Came across your lovely blog the other day via lyzi at being little! This sounds like such a fab idea, I'd love to do something like this! Now following you sweet :)

    louisejoyb x

  10. What a lovely idea, I was thinking to myself 'wow, what a lovely girly and fun that'll be, I'll definitely go' ..and then I realised it's in Brighton, which is a long long way from me. Kudos for such a brilliant idea! And what a lovely tea room, I bet it's really fun to work there.
    And I love your hat, I'm having a thing for them this winter, and the colour red :D

  11. ... if only I lived in Brighton! Its such a lovely idea, and tea room looks like such an amazing place (or maybe thats just because I can't resist anywhere that sells either tea or cake!).
    Also your outfit looks lovely!

  12. I'm so glad you're settling in, the craft collective looks like so much fun! I wonder if there is one in my local area? The girls where I work are all very crafty so we should start up a club! I fell in love with Brighton when I visited, I just wish it wasn't 10 hours away!
    Rachelle x

  13. Lovely outfit! The mustard sweater is perfect! And the craft collective looks like so much fun! What a great idea! I would love to see more of the projects that you guys are starting on/finishing!


  14. This is such a good idea, I wish I could have tea and cake in my textiles lessons - I definitely think it would fuel my work! I am now tempted to look into Brighton Uni for this alone (and the beach of course)! X x

  15. that sounds like such a wonderful way to help get yourself settle in a new city - something to look forward to every week and lovely people to spend time with. what a great idea! :)


  16. What a great idea - three things I love in life - tea, cake and knitting - all rolled into one neat little package!

  17. Such a great idea, wish I could get there. Looking forward to seeing what you all create.

  18. I love your necklace with all the animals! Loooove it.

  19. Very cute necklace. It's a typical South(ern) African craft so it's been on quite a long journey :)

  20. The necklace is really cute! It reminds me of a similar one I had that I got from some African country pavillion in the Seville Expo in 92. I wonder if I still have it stashed away?

    The crafty event looks like a lot of fun. If I lived close by I would definitely stop by!

  21. I just happened upon your blog (via Vintage at Heart), stumbled on this post and my, does it make me wish I lived in Brighton (or even in the UK for that matter)! I attend a simmilar craft/knitting night but hosting it in a Tea Room would be so lovely. Thanks for the inspiration! :)