Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Donated Dress...

Good evening my lovelies!

This week has flown by, with lots to keep me busy -  it's all go here in Brighton!
However I did find the time to take a few photos of this heavenly new-to-me dress that I acquired this week!
Now as you probably know following this blog, I am not a lady who is in any kind of shortage of dresses...Regardless! When this beauty was kindly offered to me, I snapped it up!

A delicate pale cornflower blue, with a cute floral print that could give Cath Kidston a run for her money, this dress was kindly donated by the beautiful Ruth, who (as if this wasn't enough!) also helped me land my job at The Blackbird Tea Rooms! What a sweetheart!

Ruth told me the dress was a little forties number she found at a flea market, and took it up a few inches, which made it too short for her...and perfect for me! I love the floaty sleeves, and the soft, floaty fabric.

I wore the dress with some lacy tights from H&M, a vintage 'sensible' brown handbag and my Mums pearl necklace. I'm sorry if these photos are slightly out of focus - I had left the camera on manual settings when I gave it to Joshua, and didn't realise until I was uploading the photos later on! Oops!

I'm still trying to get into some sort of new routine with my blogging (everything is a bit manic right now, trying to arrange and sort a new life!) however if you want to keep up with my (nearly) daily antics you can follow me on instagram (kerryofyourstrulyx) or twitter - as I post most of the photos there too!

Here are some favourites from the last few weeks...

(T-B, L-R)  A rather overgrown, but non-the-less charming Brighton garden - Perfect Victory Rolls first time! I'm getting the hang of this! - My friend Emma found this adorable stuffed camel, it breaks my heart he's not mine! - My button jar - A sneaky peak at something yet to come... - A thrifty handbag that was just too expensive for my liking...Boo! - A parasol which I couldn't justify needing and now massively regret! - I love pink lemonade! - Sandals in the sunshine! 

I also took this snap of the beach huts along the Hove sea front (aren't they adorable?)

And a quick bite to eat at work! Chocolate and Orange Cheesecake Brownie, with Earl Grey and Blue Flower tea...Oh what a treat!

I have heaps more to share with you! But I think I might save it for one incredibly joyful future post!

In the meantime I hope you're all well, and thank you for all the support and lovely comments you have given in the last few posts, you've made this move even happier for me.

Love Yours Truly, x


  1. the dress is absolutely gorgeous, i love the shape of the sleeves! the cheesecake brownie looks delicious!

    Laila x

  2. The sleeves on that dress are absolutely beautiful!


  3. those flutter sleeves look so darling on you- and your hair is just perfect!

  4. Your hair color is GORGEOUS! I love your whimsical vintage style. =)

  5. So sweet dress! And you look as adorable as always!:) Pretty hair-do!

  6. You look gorgeous!
    And all the pictures are so beautiful.
    I get more and more excited to visit England.
    (i not even that far way, Holland :-D )

  7. Oh your dress is stunning!


  8. Beautiful as always, the dress is delightful and really compliments your hair colour too!

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes and Couture

    Follow me on twitter ♥

  9. Oh this dress is so lovely, such a pretty colour and print. Love how you've styled it with the lace tights, you look stunning. Your friend sounds amazing! Great pictures

    Jo. xx

  10. Swooning over your victory rolls! Makes me want to grow my bob out. Beautiful photos xx

  11. The dress is adorable and you've styled it to perfection...x

  12. I love your style so much. Really pretty xxx

  13. Lovely dress, it really suits you!
    After seeing the Blackbird Tea Rooms on your blog I had to make a stop there when I visited Brighton last weekend and it was well worth it! Will definitely go back nest time I travel there.
    (I also saw you there hehe)

  14. You hair looks amazing and a very lovely dress. Also the food at Blackbird looks (and sounds) delicious, must make a trip there next time I'm in town. That vintage handbag in your photos looks like ti has the best print. I think that's the great thing about photos, even if you cant buy something you like you always have a little reminder of it.

  15. Absolutely stunning dress! I also have major victory roll envy, would you consider doing a tutorial as I found your beehive one very useful! I've tried a couple of roll tutorials on youtube & never seem to quite get the hang of it! x

  16. Hello dear =)
    I just found your blog now and I'm loving it.
    You're beautiful and i love your hair, is amazing!
    Everything here breathes vintage!
    I also have a blog, so if you want to take a peek and want to follow my page, feel it is a pleasure.

    P.S.Sorry my bad English.

    With love
    Miss Lil'Susie <3

  17. Where you work looks so charming! Were you were working in a similar role previously?
    Your blog has become my new favourite recently - I tell the honest truth when I say, my tummy does a happy little flip when I see a new post! I find you and your beautiful photography so inspiring!

  18. Love love love your style... and very jealous of that cake!! Also j'adore your hair ;)

    Sam Muses

  19. Gorgeous dress and I love your hair! You are so beautiful.

  20. such a beautiful dress! I love the background of the blue door... I am always so impressed by your hair styles as I can never get mine to work!

  21. I hope you are continuing to settle in well. You are so lucky to work in such a lovely place. And that's a gorgeous dress that your co-worker gave you. It looks stunning with you ginger hair!


  22. You look so pretty! I also love that button jar, such a great way to decorate a room.

  23. Your hair is truly perfect! Absolutely love this look <3

  24. Your blog is darling and I'm kind of obsessed with your hair. The color and the way you styled it is gorgeous!

  25. You look so beautiful! What a darling dress!

  26. wow tea & cake looks yummy! im craving for some!! x

  27. I'm sure you've already heard it for many times, but.. Your hair are really beautiful!! *_*

  28. That dress is so pretty and so is Ruth! What a lovely lady for getting you the job too. You of course look as beautiful as ever. Your Brighton life just looks dreamy. xxx

  29. Love it!

    (giveaway iphone cover)


  30. You look incredible! We love you here in Amity ( Xx