Goodbye Ruby Tuesday…

Another of my wonderful finds from The Vintage Barn the other day. I have been hunting for a school girl summer dress for a while – so was so chuffed to nab this one for just £2!

It’s a little big, so I should take it in at some point, however I had to chose this one, because any smaller would not accommodate for my non-schoolgirl bust!
The tights and shoes are Topshop, and the suitcase is probably one of my favourite possessions.
It was bought on eBay, and is decoupaged in children’s fairytale book cuttings.. I’ll pop a clearer picture up soon.
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More soon! Goodnight!
Love Yours Truly, x



  1. That is such an adorable outfit! I have been looking for a schoolgirl-type dress for AAAGES now, but getting a nice shape is always difficult. That one looks lovely, and is cut really nicely! Love the suitcase too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue


  2. This looks lovely hun!


  3. Love you blog so much, I decided to pass this award on to you 😀
    award and rules found here: (not my blog lol) (mine :P)